With a spatula in hand, and a whisk in the other

This is tough for me, not because I have never written in a blog, but because I have. I know how momentous this entry will be a year, even five, from now as I look at the entry that started it all. Heck, it’s even momentous right now. You, you’re judging me based on this very first entry and you’ll use this to decide if I’m worth coming back to, or if I will be discarded like the pair of black shoes I discovered in my apartment after moving in; slightly curious and mostly insignificant. I think that pair of shoes might’ve impacted me more than I will you, actually. Those were some ugly shoes.

I am hesitant to call this a food blog for several reasons. Firstly, my train of thoughts usually have no direction and I am prone to running off tangents so I can’t guarantee that this will always be about food. B., I personally do not think I possess enough culinary prowess to admit to writing a food blog because that certainly implies that I am capable of spreading my knowledge/words to the masses and they would look upon it as reference. I cannot bear such a heavy responsibility, I’m afraid. And three, I would really prefer to look upon this space as my journal on the Internet that documents my adventures in the kitchen as well as the occasional celebration of flavour, beauty and art that I experience when I dine out.

Now let’s talk a little about food and our relationship together. I do both savoury and sweet cooking but I cook savoury food mostly to feed myself (and I most definitely ensure that it tastes good), but I see pastry as something of a creative outlet. I love being in the kitchen; it’s a great stress relief to work through a recipe and know exactly what will come of my efforts. Recipes that are tried, tested and triumphed are promptly added to my arsenal for the occasions when I need validation as a baker. Most women whip out their perfect Little Black Dress and sexy heels, and whilst I do have those on hand, whipping up a batch of yummy cakes and hearing the moans of satisfaction from people enjoying my food gives me more self-confidence than a Little Black Dress ever could.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t claim too many sweet delights under my spectrum of skills because I haven’t been playing around with them enough. I’d say cakes are the one thing that I make the most of, and often, but I have some serious skill sharpening to do when it comes to pastries, breads, tarts, biscuits, etc.

I am on a quest, and have been for a while, to truly master pastries. It isn’t about collecting recipes of every kind but being able to honestly say that I’ve mastered a certain technique, or a certain dessert. That is the source of my joy, and that quest is my adventure.

So tighten your apron strings, and join me on my quest to be a Jack-lynn of all pastries and most importantly, master of them all.


3 Comments on “With a spatula in hand, and a whisk in the other”

  1. michelle says:

    Hello!! :)

    Hope this blog is here to stay, but hope it doesn’t mean you’ll stop posting the pictures on facebook cause it’s always fun to get that on my live feed.

    Initial Comments
    You should get some graphics designer type person to come up with a really fancy banner for you with all the lovely pictures of your food you have. Your collage thingy doesn’t do it justice!!


  2. heysugar says:

    For you, and other lazy people like you, I’ll still upload the pictures onto Facebook :D

  3. Pui Ee says:

    I can’t wait to see more posts from u !! <3