When The Going Gets Tough

I wish I actually had something to put in here but I don’t. The past two weeks have been hellish because uni work have started hitting me hard and this is just the first wave. You should see my schedule. I have a total of 8500 words spread over 4 subjects due in 3 consecutive days in June. I’m going to be a walking zombie by then.

Being busy means less time to cook up dishes that get photographed for the blog. There are still some healthy home-cooked meals but sometimes I get lazy and succumb to magical online food ordering and delivery.

Like this:

Crust Pizza

Crust pizza

I tried out Crust for the first time after hearing rave reviews from my friends. It’s pretty all right. I had the Peking Duck pizza which was fantastic. I’m a crazy huge fan of Peking duck. I make pleading eyes with my dad when we go to nice Chinese restaurants so we can have Peking duck but the occasions that we actually get to eat them are pretty rare. I wish they’d had covered it with crispy duck skin instead of just the sauce and (slightly chewy and tough) meat but eh, I’m lazy and needed food delivered to me, so I try not to complain too much. The crust wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be (I mean, the place is called Crust for a reason, right?), in fact, it was chewy and tough for me so I ended up throwing away the crusts. Still, the idea of a Peking Duck pizza is genius, even if slightly lacking. I’d suggest tender duck, actual crispy duck skin, and a more enjoyable crust. Oh, and a little lighter on the hoisin sauce, please!

Uh, this wasn’t meant to be a review!


Snacking on…

Then I’ve been snacking on these. I can’t get enough of these brilliant Yoplait ForMe dessert flavoured yogurt. I particularly love the Sticky Date flavoured one, which I’ve finished. And V… it’s the only thing that works at keeping me awake. I’m not a coffee drinker; never have been, probably never will be. In fact, I usually take a coffee and crawl right into bed and have no problem with sleeping. But V keeps me bouncy and hyper, which gets the essays done!

Psyllium husk

Psyllium husk

I’ve also taken to having a glass of water with two teaspoons of psyllium husk a day. It’s one of my counter-actions to the crappy food I’ve been ingesting these few weeks, and also because I consume a considerably smaller amount of fruit and vegetables without my mother around. My mother’s refrigerator is filled to capacity with fruits and vegetables after every trip to the market. Back home, after dinner every night, she usually serves up about three varieties of fruits. I’m usually so full after all the fruits every night that I’m barely able to breathe. It’s force-fruit-feeding! And without her, well, it’s just not the same. I try to keep on top of the fruit consumption but it’s easier when things get cut and peeled and shoved in front of you and you’re told to finish it while you catch up on TV!

I’m ashamed to admit it’s pretty bad during assignment periods. However, I’m proud to say that I’ve consumed ZERO instant noodle packets and ZERO instant food anything. I fry up noodles (non-instant), make salads and sandwiches and easy pasta. So while I understand being too busy to cook something elaborate, I think saying that you’re too busy with work to come home and cook yourself a meal is just an excuse for someone who’s lazy. I’m surviving on 4-hours sleep a night these days, have a full on day at uni, slave over essays till the wee hours of the morning and wake up and do it all over again AND I still whip up something for myself using fresh ingredients.

The few nights of takeout and delivery had me feeling so disgusted with myself that it hit a pinnacle yesterday and I sincerely had the largest craving for vegetables. So I went out and got myself two big bags of salad mixes and had one entire bag by myself for dinner.

It was a Mediterranean salad leaf mix with one orange (segmented), one whole avocado (chunky cubes), halved cherry tomatoes, one piece of goat’s cheese fetta marinated in olive oil (the bottled stuff from delis), balsamic + olive oil dressing and a squeeze of orange juice from the pith of the unwanted pith of the orange. It was delicious and I felt so good afterwards. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d crave a salad! Sometimes with all the crappy junk we put into our body, I think our bodies know when it’s disgusting and it needs something good instead.

(I hate to admit this, but we still have leftover pizza AND KFC in our fridge from our bad days!)

But it’s okay; today I had wholegrain toast with turkey ham slices, two plums, another salad for dinner, and my snacks were digestive biscuits. Oh, and a Bulla Creamy Classics ice cream but shh!

Thankfully, my housemate looks after me when she can. The other night she made chicken curry and cold tofu with brown rice, and watercress soup. Then a few nights back she made this.

Prawn Mee

Jacey’s Prawn Mee

It was delicious and we were SO ridiculously full after. We went overboard with the ingredients in the bowl. There was probably two people’s worth of pork ribs and prawns in each bowl. I had to forego some of my noodles to enjoy the ingredients instead.

But now, I’ve got to continue letting my pile of uni work kick my ass. And I mean it quite literally.


Battered victim

One of my many magical abilities: mysterious bruising. I woke up from a nap one night with this gorgeous bruise on my knee and I had no clue where it had come from. I imagine it’s from the uni essay fairies trying to kick me awake so I can continue slaving in front of my laptop.

Oh well. Just another day in a slumming university student’s life.


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  1. Vania says:

    How I wish WordPress has a ‘like’ button just like facebook, to sum up what I think of your entries. Maybe the uni essay fairies can kick up something from the guys at wordpress. ;)

    • heysugar says:

      Haha the uni essay fairies are only here to mock me and my slow-progress with essay writing and to berate me for procrastinating and watching TV shows instead. But I’m glad you are one of the few people who enjoy my words! ;)

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