Oh, Madeleine



The first time I had madeleines, I actually made them myself too. I remember being delighted by the unique texture of it. If you’re Malaysian, I would liken it to kuih bahulu, except the taste is much richer and it’s fluffier.

I recently procured David Lebovitz‘s book, The Sweet Life in Paris, and upon quick perusal through the recipe index, I zoomed in on the Madeleines. I figured his recipe has got to be better than the my first attempt recipe from years ago.


It involved a few more steps than my other recipe but it turned out beautifully. Actually, I wish I had bothered to read through his blog post on it because he recommends a few things that I didn’t do: the freezing of the madeleine tray beforehand as well as at least 3-hour of refrigeration of the batter before baking. I only refrigerated it for an hour before my brain was chanting, “Madeleines, madeleines, madeleinesssss!” like a madeleine-crazed zombie.

What can I say? I’m impatient when it comes to delicious little morsels; especially fluffy, sweet, buttery, zesty goodness in the shape of a seashell.


Humpy glazed goodness

When I was back in Malaysia, finding madeleine trays was like trying to lick my elbow. Impossible. So when I headed to Singapore, my brother’s fiancee’s mother was kind enough to hop on over to one of their huge baking stores (which I’ve forgotten the name of because my brain is a sieve) and got me two trays. Sadly, I haven’t used them yet but I will now that I have this amazing recipe.

They’re not too easy to find in Australia, too, to be honest. But I got myself an inexpensive, non-stick version from Baker’s Secret, off Peters of Kensington. Oh, Peters of Kensington, what would my kitchen be without you?

Freshly glazed

Freshly glazed madeleines

You may notice that sometimes I don’t put up recipes, and it’s not because I’m a recipe hoarder or I’m stingy but I observe copyright laws and unless I’ve tweaked it and can claim it was merely “adapted” from the original, I don’t feel comfortable with posting the recipe.

That said, there was tweaking here, but it was merely the addition of vanilla extract. I just can’t leave things well enough alone.

But as luck would have it, David Lebovitz is a very generous (and funny) man, so hop on over here to get the recipe. I highly recommend reading his blog too. His Parisian life is entirely fascinating and he makes the most mouth-watering looking food.


Oh and what became of 24 madeleines? I gave 8 away, and devoured most of the rest myself, with a small sharing portion for Jacey. And I’m already planning my next batch because I need them.


8 Comments on “Oh, Madeleine”

  1. Jo says:

    Yummm, looks good! :)

  2. Sarah says:

    So cute! I love madeleines too. I always thought madeleine trays were pretty easy to come by – I have the same bakers delight non-stick tray, got it cheap at Myer. You could also try General Trader, Essential Ingredient, even Minimax/House usually have them.

    I have 3 different trays, lol, because I love baking them so much!

    xox Sarah

    • heysugar says:

      I haven’t seen them in those stores either! I feel a little blind now lol! But thanks for the tip, I’ll keep an eye out for them.

  3. Vania says:

    I think the shop’s name is called ‘phoon huat’

  4. cclarebear says:

    oh those are amazing!! want.