All In A Daze Work // Spoiled Rotten


Pain in the ass deadlines

The above deadlines have turned my life inside out. I hardly see the light of day any longer and I usually crank out these essays some time between midnight and 6 a.m. I live on sugarfree Red Bull and go to bed with bloodshot eyes and wake up hating my alarm clock. I’ve set up camp at my dining table so as not to disturb the sleep of my mother who’s visiting to care for me during my crazy assignment period.

I wish I could tell you how excited I am to see June 9th roll around so I can finally clock a solid 15 hours of sleep. I’m not sure I even look human these days.

[Note: All pictures taken with a pathetic BlackBerry]

Dinner spread

Last night’s dinner spread

Having my mum around has been fantastic, though. Remember how my meals consist of take-away and fast food during busy periods? It doesn’t get that way with my mum around.

I’ve been spoiled rotten!

Prawn fritters

Prawn fritters

Ginger Pork Dish

Ginger & Pork Dish

Sambal Belacan vegetables

Sambal Belacan with Eggplant & Round Beans

Salted Vegetable and Pork Soup

Salted Vegetable and Pork Soup

That was just for last night’s dinner. I’m seriously enjoying all the Malaysian home-cooked dishes that I remember from my childhood.

Hong Bak

Hong Bak

Especially Hong Bak! It’s hard to describe what this dish. It tastes sweet and salty as it’s cooked with palm sugar, soya sauce and lots of star anise. AMAZING.

Pengat Pisang

Pengat Pisang

And a dessert treat. Bananas braised in coconut milk. It tastes even more intense the second day.

So despite the fact that I’m resisting signing off all my essays with, “Fueled by sugarfree Red Bull“, I’m being really well fed.

Thank you, Mama! I love you :)