I’ve heard about David Chang for years now because the man is a pork-fiend and because pork is also my kind of candy, it is safe to conclude that I adore David Chang. When I was back in KL, I finally got to see the Momofuku cookbook in person and basically drowned in my own torrent of drool at the mere sight of his food. He uses kimchi with his pork dishes, which is reminiscent of one of the dishes I tasted at Cumulus, Inc. a few months back. To this day I still speak very excitedly about pork, crackling and spicy kimchi in the same dish. Honestly, one of my best pork experiences.

I recently bought the Momofuku cookbook and have been excitedly awaiting an occasion (and guinea pigs!) to test them out. Such an occasion has yet to arisen but I’m sure they will soon enough. Not surprisingly, I am surrounded by like-minded “Pork Is Candy” friends.

Here’s a little food porn from Bourdain’s No Reservations “Food Porn” episode back in season 5, one of my favourite No Reservations episodes. Here you will experience envy and excitement at the sight of all that food. If you’re like me, you’ll also experience a sudden determination to find a way to New York by hook or by crook, because it is obviously a gastronome’s mecca populated with restaurants that I would willingly sell my organs and first-born child for a chance to dine at. I have a list and everything.

Anyway, recently the food blogosphere has been hit by the Crack Pie phenomenon.

Crack Pie

Crack Pie

I won’t tell you all about it because it’ll just be a copy and paste of what has been said already, and in this day and age, you should just Google things on your own. If you’re too lazy, CLICK HERE.

Actually, watch the video here because I fell in love with both David Chang and Christina Tosi (pastry chef at Momofuku Milk Bar and creator of Crack Pie) in this video. They’re both too freaking adorable!

Last Sunday I was invited over to a friend’s place for a spectacular dinner of seafood paella. It was freaking amazing. Really. I kid you not.

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

My amazing friends Stan and Joyce made that, although I think Stan gets most of the credit (hic!). And that was the second round. Oh yeah, there was an equal amount of crazy good deliciousness earlier which we pretty much inhaled. I was thinking, “How can we finish two paella pans worth of paella?” But we did. We also had siew yuk (roast pork), made by another couple. It’s fun being surrounded by people who know good food and who make good food.

Joyce and I had been talking about Momofuku together like a bunch of food geeks for a while and when I saw the recipe for the exalted Crack Pie I just knew I had to make it for the potluck.

You can find the recipe here. You’re welcome. Worry about your waistline another day.

Oatmeal cookie

Crust base: oatmeal cookie

The recipe calls for an oatmeal cookie for the crust. I loveloveloved this cookie recipe. So rich and salty! Then it was crushed with butter, sugar and salt to form the crust. I’m thinking next time I may double the cookie recipe to get more crust because I loved the crust more than anything else. But then again, I’m the type who makes cheesecakes with more biscuit base than cream cheese filling.

Beautiful crust

Crusty goodness

The painstakingly patted on crust. Mmmm.


Filling ingredients

And the filling? Deliciously simple and basic. And sinful. Very sinful. Please don’t ever let my personal trainer see this recipe or I’d be doing lunges and squats for eternity. Yes that golden puddle in the left bowl is melted butter. And yes, the top two bowls are sugar.

Motto with Crack Pie: Forget your waistline.

The thing on the right is milk powder. Luckily for me, I have plenty of that on hand because I detest fresh milk in my drinks as it dilutes them and I only take powdered milk. What can I say? I am a true blue Malaysian child set in her ways.

Filled up

Filled up

A few moments in the capable hands of my KitchenAid and this came out. Oh I didn’t mention that the recipe yields two pies? Double the pleasure. Double the fun.

Crack Pie

Crack Pie

It popped into the oven, then into the fridge (I left it overnight), then it was dusted with icing sugar before being served and eagerly sliced into. Yes, this was after siew yuk and two round of seafood paella. I am pleased to announce that all my friends managed to eat two slices each, at the minimum. The brave even managed to eat it with ice cream! I wouldn’t recommend that unless you were determined to commit to a sugar stroke.

What does a slice of Crack Pie look like?

Gooey goodness

Ooey Gooey Goodness

Or mine does, at least. Gorgeous gooey goodness. This is definitely going on my “to be made over and over again because it will never get old” list. I may reduce the sugar a little and double the crust, but that’s a personal preference thing. I am officially a Crackdict.

Christina Tosi, you are my (and my Crackdicted friends’) hero.


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  2. Andrea says:

    Oh, that pie looks amazing! Yum! I’m not even very fond of pies/tarts but I think a crack pie could convert me.

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