Courtesy of Mama

One of the many perks of growing up with a domestic goddess for a mother is the wealth of knowledge and recipes I have at my disposal. My mother should take full credit for my love of food and cooking, and for expanding my palate from a very young age. I think my only restriction was my ability to handle spicy food but otherwise, I was a champ. I happily chowed down sashimi, offal and chicken feet since I was in primary school. My mum would proudly recollect that she had lots of Japanese food when she was pregnant with me (I don’t think they worried about mercury then!) and it certainly explains my insatiable love for the cuisine.

Apart from all that, learning how to cook in my mum’s kitchen was one of the best things ever because of the countless appliances and tools she is equipped with. In fact, cooking in my parents’ kitchen is probably the comfiest place ever (it’s air-conditioned!) and I’m never at a loss for things I need. We didn’t always have a dream kitchen, though, as my childhood home had a cramped kitchen with hardly enough space for two people to work in there together without getting in each others’ way. My mother still always managed to whip out absolutely delicious treats from her tiny kitchen and tiny oven.

Suji Cake

Suji Cake

One of my childhood favourites is Suji Cake. It is also known as Sugee Cake, and is a Eurasian version of a Pound Cake. It’s basically one of the moistest, richest butter cakes ever but with a slight crunch to it that comes from semolina and ground almonds.

My mum and I rediscovered the recipe during my last trip back home and made it twice because it was just so damned good. You can take a peek at the recipe here.

Suji Cake

I decided to make it again because I’ve been wondering how to christen the fantastic Nordic Ware pan I received from my two amazing friends, Mboo and Fbomb. They totally caught me by surprise with this birthday present and I wanted to do it justice with just the right cake. I knew if the cake was too light it’D shrink and wouldn’t hold its form, and I really didn’t want to try just a plain vanilla bundt cake or a heavy fruit cake recipe so I settled for the delicious Suji Cake instead.

Baked bugs

These cakes are so sinfully addictive. My favourite types of sweets are the non-sweet but deliciously buttery type, or citrus flavoured to cut through the sugar. I reduced the sugar on these and I got an ultra rich crunchy cake that I couldn’t stop eating. I had to hand them out to a few friends just so it wouldn’t sit on my benchtop testing my willpower!

I was happy to spread the Suji Cake love as a few of my friends had never had them before. It’d also please my mum who laughed when I begged her for the recipe a mere few days after landing in Melbourne despite having a few bites of the cake in the car when my parents were dropping me off at the airport!

My mother

My amazing mother and I

And because I talk so much about my beautiful and amazingly talented mother on here, I thought I’d share a picture of us from when she visited back in June. I’m actually off to give her my weekly phone call now, and to casually mention that she’s being talked about on the blog again (she’s secretly chuffed about it!).


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  1. Fleur says:

    awwwww mama f is the best! <3

    yay for the bugz cakes soph …i'm def going to try it out!