Cherry Topper

It may come as no surprise that I’m a homebody. I find pleasure in tinkering about the apartment or just curled up on the couch with a teapot of tea warmed up beside me and my laptop on the armrest of the couch. Other times I’m happy to be curled up with my throw and a book.

Afternoon tea

One afternoon…

That was taken one afternoon almost a month ago when I was feeling particularly fancy. I whipped out a Wedgwood teacup.

Wedgwood teacup

Wedgwood Harlequin “Ribbon & Rose” teacup

Another of my mum’s influence on me as she’s an avid teapot and teacup collector. But I digress.

I’m having one those days today. Enjoying being home on a miserably cold day. I was trying to figure out what to do with an opened can of sour cherries (from a Black Forest Gateux which I should blog about…) and was thinking of making muffins but it’d require me to brave the cold to hit the supermarket for some ingredients and anyway, I didn’t really feel like eating a muffin for lunch.

Vanilla French Toast

Vanilla French Toast

I’ve been meaning to consume the wholemeal loaf of bread we have sitting on our counter but never got around to it. I really wish they’d sell half loaves at the supermarket. In a two person household of girls who don’t really eat bread on a daily basis, our bread intake is never enough to warrant an entire loaf. Then comes the mad rush to use it all before it goes bad. Sandwiches, bread and butter pudding, French toasts… I actually had two Croque Madames for dinner two nights ago.

Today I decided it was time for some French toast, which I usually love with some cinnamon sugar or maple syrup.

I’m not really sure this warrants a recipe but here it goes, something quick and easy. In and out of the kitchen in 10 minutes and ready to shove forkfuls of delicious bread into my eager mouth.

Sour cherries

Sour cherries and syrup

Quick & Fuss-free French Toast
Serves 1 very hungry girl

4 slices of bread, cut into half diagonally
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
1 Tbsp butter, plus extra to serve
Sour cherries, syrup reserved

1. Beat the eggs, add the vanilla extract and salt to it.

2. Heat up butter in a small skillet over low-medium heat. Dip bread slices into egg mixture, fry in skillet until brown. Turn over and repeat for other side.

3. Serve up on a plate with a bit of butter, top with sour cherries and drizzle reserved syrup all over.

4. Dig in and thank me later.


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  1. Louise says:

    dropping by from the vogue forums =)

    I love the teapot and your set up, oh of course the french toast! *drool