I shouldn’t have promised that I wouldn’t update this anymore because I forgot what a great procrastination tool updating is. Let’s pretend I never said it. The number of hours I clock with my laptop has convinced me that if my laptop had great hair, a cheeky smile, a deep timbre voice, the right body parts, and the ability to cuddle; we would totally be soulmates. Alas, my laptop is but a 13″ rectangle of awesomeness encased in pink, even if we do go to bed together every night.

If not for a certain Miss J and Mr N, I would probably be cooped up in my apartment a whole lot more than I already am. But thanks to them I’ve been fed well and entertained with good conversation.

So here’s a picture post of random bits in my world beyond the kitchen, which is entirely irrelevant to the theme of this blog but there is some food in here so I guess that’ll have to do.



The above is where I’m permanently planted when I’m home these days. It’s usually a lot messier but with distracting things like magazines and cookbooks, because my subject notes are all on my laptop anyway.

From my lover, Joyce

This little card makes me smile.



Fresh flowers in the apartment cheer me up greatly so I try to make sure we have a small vase of them around most of the time. This week I went for freesias for their amazing scent. I am choosing to disregard the Twilight associations with this gorgeous flower.

Flower tea

Flower tea

One of my favourite things to have around me when I’m sitting around the apartment is to have a hot pot of tea close by, and I adore flower teas. They’re beautiful to look at and they’re delicious too. They keep me going (to the bathroom).

Cutlery jewelry

Cutlery jewelry

I decided to incorporate my love for food and my love for accessories. When I first laid eyes on these cute little pendants, I knew I had to have them. Aren’t they just adorable?!

My heart rate monitor is my favourite self-punishing tool and it’s one of my favourite purchases of the year. It makes cardio workouts a whole lot more fun and makes you feel like a total machine when you maintain the craziest heart rate for a long period of time.


Sometimes (okay, often!), I just crawl under the covers and snuggle up with my mountain of pillows and forget about my assignments. Have I mentioned how much I love sleep and my bed? Because I really, really do. It’s the kind of bed you don’t want to crawl out of, which is why I sometimes don’t. I’ve been known to talk to my pillows in a loving voice, too. I think that’s perfectly normal (and understandable!).


I picked this up last night and I’m terribly excited about it. It is now heavily tabbed with page markers and I probably have meals planned for the next three weeks based on this cookbook alone. Exciting times ahead!

I have to say though, my next two projects are desserts. I have the nastiest craving for a moist and fudgy chocolate cake and unfortunately, there’s hardly any truly good cake places in Melbourne so I’ve decided I’m going to make it myself. I find majority of the cakes I’ve had in Melbourne depressingly disappointing and I’m usually left more disgruntled after attempting to satisfy a craving. Anyone else agree with me on this? If you disagree, please recommend a cake place for me to try. If you say Brunetti’s, your opinion on food is officially unreliable and you will be ignored.

That said, I’ve been craving fried chicken, the kind you’d find at the dirtiest places in KL. You know, the kind that would soak up five kitchen towels with oil in no time but taste so damn good that you’d happily munch on the crispy chicken skin rather than worry about your cholesterol levels or the possibility of food poisoning. Need. Fried. Chicken. Soon.

I have the unhealthiest cravings, ever.

I leave you with a quote I live by, and Superpig. Superpig is one of my childish quirks that make me endearing (apart from my modesty, you know) and I have also drawn it on Jacey’s mirror and doodled it on countless page margins. There’s even a rhyme that goes with it, which I’m sure you’re all dying to hear.

Wasn’t this pointless post ridiculously fun?


4 Comments on “Idling”

  1. Jenn says:

    ahahahah… too fun babe!!! love the cutlery jewellery… now you can add jeweller to your list ;)

    p/s – your bed is perfection

    • heysugar says:

      Thank you, darling :) I will be adding “Jeweller – insertion of jump rings” to my humble resume for sure! Surely someone will find that useful hehe.

      Ahh, the bed! Remember when you girls would come over and we’d all gather in my bedroom and lounge around the bed gossiping and then racking through my closet looking at new buys and complaining about boys? :) Feels like a lifetime ago but same bed!

  2. Jenn says:

    How can I forget! Those were some good times ;) I will never forget the same bed we were bouncing off with joy when G kept using Mario to try to describe various shit and we won hands down…. HAHAHHHAHA…. (!!!)