It appears that my interest in this blog ebbs and flows like an angry shoreline after a tumultuous storm. I promise I am still here but I think while I was busy regrouping over the past few months, I lost a little of my sparkle and enthusiasm for the kitchen and writing about food. I’m still in the kitchen although these days it seems to be for functionality rather than hobby-refinement.

It is a little ironic that I actually bought a proper domain for Hey, Sugar! and I stopped writing for months! It is now Hey, Sugar Sugar! like that Archies song. So you can update your links to if you want, although the old address will instantly redirect you regardless.

I really need to get to the housekeeping of this blog. I need a new layout, one that allows larger photo displays and better colours. But I totally cannot be bothered. I used to be all up in the HTML shiz but I am unbelievably rusty at it now and need so much referencing to put a layout together that I am almost willing to throw some money at the problem. Any recommendations? Or tips?

This was from a potluck meal I attended at the recently married D & Y’s place and I was put in charge of dessert. It was a delicious meal of D’s legendary rotisserie lamb. I was delegated the task of preparing something sweet yet light and after a quick few minutes browsing through my modest collection of cookbooks, I settled on this from David Lebovitz’s Ready For Dessert.

Champagne Gelee with Summer Fruits

The gelee was surprisingly bubblicious, with the effervescence from the sparkling wine I mixed with the gelatine. I kept calling it “sparkling wine” and my friends kept telling me I could just go with calling it “champagne”. The pedantic side of me says NAY, HOW CAN?! (in my super Malaysian aunty voice) but it was bubbly. That’s all that really mattered. It’s not like it was a bottle of Krug or anything.

I really enjoyed it because it actually tasted like there was alcohol in there. Who could ever dislike that sort of flavour? The zest of the citrus was a nice contrast but mostly the tart and sweet combination of the variety of fruits helped the dish a lot.

I highly recommend this for a quick, fuss-free dessert that can be prepared ahead of time. Just be ready to spend some time slicing up fruits (no, canned fruits is not an acceptable option). If you don’t already have David Lebovitz’s book then I strongly suggest you rectify that problem as soon as possible.

Ps. Yes, I’m back and with a bit of backlogged pictures/food to post. I just hope I can remember them all!