French Onion Soup; Two Ways

French Onion Soup

A while back I had this minor obsession with French Onion Soup. I just needed to make it. The first time I did, I used Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, which was delicious.

That was the outcome. Mine turned out a whole lot darker for some strange reason.

Then Ruhlman wrote about it here and he doesn’t use stock, just water. I was keen to try that, too.

You have no idea how much I teared chopping those onions up.

Sweating it out

I think I actually prefer Ruhlman’s recipe. The cheese is meant to be a lot more brown but I got impatient (I was hungry!) so I popped it out of the oven pretty early.

I froze it so I actually still have a little small portion of it left in the freezer. I also currently have a loaf of baguette sitting on my counter. Coincidence? Nay, fate.