I’m still very much alive and kicking, although these days I’m sure my legs are much too tired to kick too high. In the past year I’ve moved back home, and gotten a full-time job – which has taken over about 90% of my conscious time. It’s predictably in the food industry although there are many days (days when people are challenging and frustrating), that I wonder if I’m on the wrong side of the restaurant.

That said, I enjoy my job despite its challenges and I think I’ve finally found myself in an industry that I feel 1000% comfortable in. Its opened my eyes to the opportunities and variety of manner with which I can choose to pursue this rather unideal passion of mine.

I have grown up in so many ways this past year, and yet I’m constantly discovering new things to learn. The hours are tough (I’m finishing up my 74-hour work week ie. that’s 74+ hours ON MY FEET for all you people whining about having to work Saturdays- boo-fucking-hoo, princess), the clientele is challenging but the laughs you share with your colleagues, the bonds you form through solidarity, and the pleasure you get when you stumble upon rare, gratuitous customers makes everything worth its while. It also makes you a much more humble, respectful and gracious customer btw!

I have not forgotten this blog, but every intention I have of updating it, paying someone to redo the layout, actually pouring devoted hours to giving it some proper structure has fallen to the wayside. I am so doggone tired on my days off that I either just want to mimic a lump of clay, or do the things I love, which still involves standing on my feet for hours whilst slaving in front of a hot stove.

I’ll be back. (Just don’t time me!)


One Comment on “Bearings”

  1. Quinn says:

    don’t know why i feel like coming to this page today after so long and OMG so excited to see an update! hope u keep updating, love ur blog :-)