Candy Girl

I loathe introductory sections because I never know where to start, and how to stop. There has to be a balance here and I always manage to overdo it. So I guess I’ll just wing it and start with the basics.


Me and a birthday cake I made for a friend

I go by Sophia although all my close friends have variants of that by which they call me. I love food and I truly enjoy slaving over food hours on end, even if takes me only 15 minutes to finish the meal. I obsessively collect cookbooks and have taken more photos of food in the past few years than I have of people.

I am passionate about food and the craft of producing it; and this little space on the web is my outlet to spew forth about it lest I drive the lovely people in my life insane with my incessant chatter. It is to document the food I’ve made and to record the successes and failures I encounter on my quest to improve my craft. This is but one aspect of my life, but it is the barest part of me for everything you see here has (usually!) been produced with a lot of thought, effort and love.

Welcome to my world.

17 Comments on “Candy Girl”

  1. Christine says:

    verrrry excited to see this missy :)

  2. syazana says:

    Definitely looking forward to this babe! Yayy! :D

  3. sooshi says:


    send me macarons! :D

  4. makia says:

    Co’rat you did it! TQ DR! I can’t wait to read your posts :D

  5. Sara Yasmin says:

    Hey Sophia, I’m proud of you! From playing trombone to baking. Hehe. Your blog is awesome. Loves it!

  6. Aziem Kamal says:

    Hey Sophia! I don’t know if you remembered me from school (since we weren’t THAT close in High School). But i stumbled upon your blog. It’s great to hear that you’re into cooking/baking. Hope Australia is treating you good! I’ll bookmark your blog page. Keep em coming! :)

  7. M. says:

    FINALLY managed to drop by and have a squiz. Oh my gosh! Bad idea to just ‘drop by’ and right before I have my lunch too hehe! Amazing stuff, Soph, I just want to jump on a plane to Melbourne again!!!! =D

    xx Mish

  8. Dria says:

    Your food blog makes me wanna change my career path! haha :)

  9. Sze Zen says:

    Love your writing, you’re too funny! After tasting the super delish and pretty wedding cake at Alvin’s wedding… Sophia, I wanna run your fan club!

  10. Vix says:

    Hi! I’m a big fan of your jadorebeurre blog but I’ve noticed it’s been down lately. Just hoping everything is ok and wish you all the best!

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